90s Nostalgia

Do any of you remember living in overalls? Because I do. Channeling my inner Rachel Green, I HAD to order these clearance raspberry pink overalls from Eloquii.


I’ve been working with this awesome photographer on these looks I’m bringing you over the next couple of months. This is one of my favorites because if you know anything about me, you know how much I love anything eclectic. I also believe that raspberry pink and black/white stripes belong together. They do. I’m convinced.


I’m a 90s girl, so this pair of overalls spoke directly to my heart. It’s a “Viola” cut by Eloquii which means its for plus size ladies like me with bigger hips. The material also had some stretch which made it super cozy and comfortable. I even surprised myself by liking the fact that the material was like a velvet (which I know is on trend right now, but not my favorite trend). These velvet overalls though were a HUGE win in my book.


The top was from target.  Who doesn’t LOVE a good cold shoulder? It’s a nice basic that you can use as a “layering” piece. I like to tuck it into tulle skirts or obviously overalls. It’s the perfect amount of skin to show off, plus the flutter sleeve adds a cool detail to this otherwise basic top. Super fetch! :p


We took these photos downtown the beautiful city of Gilbert. The weather was pretty perfect mostly because we got up at sunrise to shoot these. As you can imagine, coffee was a must afterwards. I met up my sister and hung out with my beautiful niece for some much needed family time. My niece is only 7 weeks old, and I’m already absolutely obsessed with her (which I guess is not all that surprising).


Well, I hope you all love this look as much as I do because I would literally wear this outfit on the daily!




Nude Blush

Somethings you should know about me: I will always be attracted to the color pink, especially if it’s a pink on the “nuder” side. I also will always be in love with tulle. I think we should put tulle on everything. :p

Today, I am bringing you a Blush colored dress with a tulle skirt… Because I had to. :p I paired it with this beautiful denim jacket that I am digging so hard. I used to not be much of a denim person, but then something just switched in my brain, and now I cannot get enough of it. It brings me back to my 90s overall days. Nostalgia FTW.


I am currently subscribed to Trunk Club and Dia & Co because I LOVE getting things in the mail. I just get so excited by being surprised with clothes at my house. Plus, I obviously have a shopping problem…

Trunk Club and Dia & Co are both styling services. They send you a box (however often you decide) with various articles of clothing and accessories depending on your preferences. Dia sends you 5 pieces and Trunk Club sends you as many as your stylist decides (the last box I got was 10 pieces).


I got this dress in a Dia & Co Box, and the denim jacket in a Trunk Club box.


Dia & Co takes some time finding a stylist that really gets your style. It took me 5 boxes for them to really perfect it for me, and you do not get the same stylist every time unless you request it. Once I got a stylist that I thought understood what I was looking for, I latched on. I ask for her every time. She really does an amazing job for me.


After the first couple of boxes missed the mark for me, it got a little discouraging. But I was just so excited by the idea of Dia & Co, and what a cool company I thought it was, I kept giving it a chance. And I am so glad I did!


My biggest tip is once you find a stylist that you like, request them to style you from then on. Don’t forget to always give them detailed feedback to because they do listen to it.


In comparison, Trunk Club, you always get the same stylist. I do love that about them, and you personally chat with them– so they really get to know you. They also send you a preview of the box they are going to send you before they send it (so you can deny items you hate– if there are any).


My biggest problem with Trunk Club is that it isn’t specialized in plus size clothing, so I do not feel like I get as much variety. It’s also very pricey. The last box I got sent everything was over $100…


You can ask for “cheaper” items, but their prices for plus size just tend to be a little more pricey. I do have to say though, I LOVE my stylist. She is an absolute sweetheart.


I think I made a good choice keeping both of these items.