Realness and Tulle

Hello my beautiful readers,

I missed you. I’m sorry it took so long for me to post this post, but it has– and I need to tell you why. Mental health is real ya’ll, and I struggle with mine. I go through waves of having consistent panic attacks that hold me captive and leave me paralyzed from being a functional human being. I try to combat them with anxiety medicine, but I have not found the right formula. It’s really hard for me to talk about all this because I think it’s an ugly side of myself. I hate feeling weak and out of control. I have a hard time embracing it and not letting it consume me, but I am working on it. It’s just hard when people around us all are shouting that we need to toughen up or get some confidence because it has nothing to do with that– and honestly when I put myself down like that, it only affects me more.

And then when I think about it, and how whiny I sound talking about it, it puts me in an even bigger spiral. I can tell myself to get over it because people have it way worse, but that’s just not how it works for me. Mental illness is not the same for everyone either. What works for me, may not work for you, and vice versa.

I am just so thankful to have a husband that is patient and understanding because mental illness can be a lonely journey because there is still such a stigma associated with it.

Well, thats enough about that. I just wanted to share a piece of me with you all today. Thanks for listening.

Today, I put together a super basic outfit for you all. I just wanted to show you something I wear when I am on the go. Since I live in Phoenix, it is hot as balls right now. Summer is here, and I want to cry. I hate the heat, but I’m still in the kitchen. :pN9

This dress is SOOO light weight and breathable. I am going to be living in it the next couple months I swear.


Plus, it is just so flattering. It accentuates my high waist which I love because it gives my body some shape.


Plus the keyhole detail in the front and back is super cute.


I paired it with some slip on sandals from Torrid as well… which I will say, are not the most comfortable, but they are very easy. Slip them on, then you are out the door!


Everyone needs a good slip on sandal for summer. It’s not like you can walk barefooted to your mailbox during this hot hot heat.


Even though I still do, and then I burn my little piggies. But once you commit to it and your feet are halfway to your destination… there’s really no turning back. Haha


I got a little side-tracked. Haha, I’m giving this dress a big thumbs up. What do you think? 🙂




Nude Blush

Somethings you should know about me: I will always be attracted to the color pink, especially if it’s a pink on the “nuder” side. I also will always be in love with tulle. I think we should put tulle on everything. :p

Today, I am bringing you a Blush colored dress with a tulle skirt… Because I had to. :p I paired it with this beautiful denim jacket that I am digging so hard. I used to not be much of a denim person, but then something just switched in my brain, and now I cannot get enough of it. It brings me back to my 90s overall days. Nostalgia FTW.


I am currently subscribed to Trunk Club and Dia & Co because I LOVE getting things in the mail. I just get so excited by being surprised with clothes at my house. Plus, I obviously have a shopping problem…

Trunk Club and Dia & Co are both styling services. They send you a box (however often you decide) with various articles of clothing and accessories depending on your preferences. Dia sends you 5 pieces and Trunk Club sends you as many as your stylist decides (the last box I got was 10 pieces).


I got this dress in a Dia & Co Box, and the denim jacket in a Trunk Club box.


Dia & Co takes some time finding a stylist that really gets your style. It took me 5 boxes for them to really perfect it for me, and you do not get the same stylist every time unless you request it. Once I got a stylist that I thought understood what I was looking for, I latched on. I ask for her every time. She really does an amazing job for me.


After the first couple of boxes missed the mark for me, it got a little discouraging. But I was just so excited by the idea of Dia & Co, and what a cool company I thought it was, I kept giving it a chance. And I am so glad I did!


My biggest tip is once you find a stylist that you like, request them to style you from then on. Don’t forget to always give them detailed feedback to because they do listen to it.


In comparison, Trunk Club, you always get the same stylist. I do love that about them, and you personally chat with them– so they really get to know you. They also send you a preview of the box they are going to send you before they send it (so you can deny items you hate– if there are any).


My biggest problem with Trunk Club is that it isn’t specialized in plus size clothing, so I do not feel like I get as much variety. It’s also very pricey. The last box I got sent everything was over $100…


You can ask for “cheaper” items, but their prices for plus size just tend to be a little more pricey. I do have to say though, I LOVE my stylist. She is an absolute sweetheart.


I think I made a good choice keeping both of these items.



Cheers to the Fat Girl Bikini

Swim season is upon us all, and can we just talk about all the cute bikinis Torrid came out with for plus size women? I am so excited because this is the first year that I decided to buy one, and I couldn’t be happier about it. It took me some time to build the confidence to just strut my stuff in whatever the heck I wanted.

Cheers to fat girl bikinis! Continue reading “Cheers to the Fat Girl Bikini”

Leggy Legs

Let me first start off by saying how much I LOVE leggings. I love their comfort, and the way they make me feel like I can be a lady sitting in any position I want. Today, I wanted to bring you a look showing off my legs, so bye bye leggings. I am going to be real honest with you for a second. I struggle with this. I am human. I don’t love my legs, but I know that my husband does. I also know that I love myself, and I like to push myself to wear (or not wear things, in this case) things outside of my comfort zone. Here comes my leggy legs. Continue reading “Leggy Legs”

Grungin’ it.

Okay, you’re going to hate me a little bit. All of these pieces I am featuring in this styling are not for sale anymore… I know, you hate me already… Hold please before you get upset, & let me tell you why… Have you heard of the store Lovesick? Well… They are currently taking a break, which is such a bummer because I recently shopped there for the first time. They are a sister store to Torrid, so they are very similar, but I found some of their clothing way more affordable. I like bought almost everything I touched. I think I have a problem. :p Continue reading “Grungin’ it.”

Yellow Fever

I’m going to be honest with you. It took me some time to get into the color yellow. I know that at NY Fashion week… yellow was a HUGE trend. If you have not already noticed, EVERYWHERE is flooded with yellow right now. It is trending like crazy. The more of a mustard yellow tones, I can absolutely get behind… But for the more true of a yellow, I am still working on loving. My best friend is going to kill me if she reads this post because I had to wear yellow for her wedding. It’s her favorite color, and I would do anything for her. Haha 😉

Well, today I bought these mustard yellow jeggings from Torrid that I am absolutely gushing over (I know, again with the mustard– shhh, baby steps at a time). I am thrilled with how this styling turned out. Continue reading “Yellow Fever”

Victoria Beckham

Okay, so some of you probably know that I work for Target, and I have been anxiously awaiting the Victoria Beckham launch. She launched a line with Target last Sunday, and boy I am excited about it! It was not exclusively for plus (which I’m not surprised about), but to me, the plus line did not disappoint.

She used a lot of intricate detailing with pops of orange and a beautiful Barbie pink. I have told you all before, but I am an absolute sucker when it comes to black & white patterns/stripes.


I absolutely love the use of scalloping in her line, and the little details she used. It’s so classy. I am obsessed with this black and white skirt above. OBSESSED.


Again, the little details of this line, really make it what it is. I will always swoon over a collared top/dress. I love the vintage flair of it. The little bunny print on the collar is just so cute– I love this detail.


Applique is used on a couple of pieces which creates such a cute design. Making this line just so unique.


I wasn’t lying when I said Barbie pink. Look at this color, it is STUNNING. What a showstopper!


This bomber jacket is a little on the pricey side ($70, especially in comparison to the rest of the line– which is pretty affordable), but it is bedazzled with these little bugs. With bomber jackets growing in popularity, this is a perfect piece to add your closet. It’s a little bit of an investment piece, but it would add a cute glamorous accent to any outfit.


And lastly, I wanted to include one of her scarfs she included. It does a nice job of tying her inspiration together and putting a bow on her collection.


Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite pieces with you. I am gushing with love for this line. It has the perfect amount of quirk, and I hope you liked it as much as I did!!! I would love to know what your favorite pieces were. Comment below! 🙂



It’s all about the drama

First off, can we just talk about this week? My husband had a cold, and so I was crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t catch it because nobody has time for that… Well, I must of pissed somebody off… because I did catch it, and now all I want to do is sleep. Sooo… I am on a bunch of cold medicine. I will do my best to not ramble through this post, but I’m not fully put together today.

Regardless… Here it goes:

Society+ did it again. Drama. DRAMA. I am living for this vest. LIVING. Continue reading “It’s all about the drama”

Hippie Dippie

It’s Tuesday! Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!!! I want to share with you all this look that I put together from Yours Clothing. Yours Clothing is a UK plus size clothing company that carries trendy super affordable clothing. I recently got super into online shopping because the plight of finding cute plus size clothing in person is real. I am sure that I sound like a broken record because a lot of plus size women talk about it, but shopping in person, I just never has as much luck as I do online. We can all acknowledge how much more variety there is online for women. Which can be interesting because you can’t be fully sure what the quality is going to be like and how it’s going to fit you. I just love the variety, but it makes me miss shopping in stores. Continue reading “Hippie Dippie”