Hippie Dippie

It’s Tuesday! Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!!! I want to share with you all this look that I put together from Yours Clothing. Yours Clothing is a UK plus size clothing company that carries trendy super affordable clothing. I recently got super into online shopping because the plight of finding cute plus size clothing in person is real. I am sure that I sound like a broken record because a lot of plus size women talk about it, but shopping in person, I just never has as much luck as I do online. We can all acknowledge how much more variety there is online for women. Which can be interesting because you can’t be fully sure what the quality is going to be like and how it’s going to fit you. I just love the variety, but it makes me miss shopping in stores. Continue reading “Hippie Dippie”


Sangria Fever

I know, it’s almost summer, and I am wearing wine. You can call me crazy, but I hate letting seasons dictate what colors I can and can not wear. So, let’s call this color a nice “sangria” and give it a little more summery vibe. Today I am featuring this beautiful “sangria” colored top from Yours Clothing, and because I am gearing up for the hot heat of Phoenix, AZ, I am sporting an off the shoulder style. I am a huge fan of off the shoulder tops. I love showing off some skin, even though I am a nice translucent white color (my skin color would never convince anyone that I am a desert baby, but I swear I live in AZ). Continue reading “Sangria Fever”

Men aren’t funny

Today, I decided to feature an extraordinary amount of sass with my new “Men aren’t funny” tee and this beautiful plush tutu I got from Society+. I saw this tee featured on Lauren Lapkus’s Instagram here. You can purchase one here. I actually got a mens size 2XL because I like my T-shirts loose, and women’s sizing usually run weird on me (plus I am typically a 3/ 3XL/24). I also do not wear a lot of plain tees, so normally they double as sleep shirts. My husband is the one that actually saw this shirt first and showed it to me because he wanted one, and he knew I would want one too. I literally bought Tony(my husband) and I the shirt 5 minutes after he showed it to me. Here is my husband in his.

Continue reading “Men aren’t funny”

On top of the soap box, where I belong.

When you have this idea that you have been toying around with in your head for years, you have to make the leap and do something about it. Sometimes, it’s more of a skip than really a full plunge, but that skip is momentum for that next big move. 

I’m sure you are already like, “what is this crazy lady saying?” Honestly, I am not entirely sure, but I can tell you one thing, I am creating this blog to provide the world with just a little more sass because we all know that there is certainly not enough.

quirkyHi, my name is Taylor. It’s nice to meet you. I’m pretty confident that you are my sister because who else would really want to read all this… But since, there is a small chance that maybe you’re not, I am going to tell you a little bit about why I am creating this blog. Continue reading “On top of the soap box, where I belong.”